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Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Our partnership with WSaaS has been nothing short of transformative. Within just one month of implementing their services, we saw a staggering 42% increase in sales and it's been upward ever since. Their team is truly top-notch and their results speak for themselves."

Founder & CEO, Ecommerce Company #1

"WSaaS is a powerful partner for any business seeking to take their market research to the next level. We were able to expand and strengthen our portfolio of research product offerings, which has led to a remarkable 30% increase in revenue in just six months. I highly recommend WSaaS."

CEO, Market Research Company #1

"Working with WSaaS, our customer satisfaction ratings skyrocketed by 65%, proving that their data extraction services not only enhanced our operations, but also directly impacted the happiness of our customers."

CEO, Ecommerce Company #2

"Working with WSaaS has been a game-changer for our day-to-day ops. By automating our website data extraction and transformation, we've significantly increased speed and accuracy, while reducing costs. We're now able to extract data from hundreds of websites each month, and can focus our team's efforts on analysis rather than manual extraction."

CEO, Market Research Company #2

Powerful Data Extraction and Processing Services

AI-powered, cloud-based, industrial-grade web data extraction, transformation and integration platform to get the data you need from the web.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • Extract Data from Any Website for Your Exact Needs

    Pick the extraction plan that fits your requirements and budget.

  • Dedicated Professional Service

    Our US-based team will work closely with you to execute your requirements quickly and ensure you are totally satisfied with the results of our work.

  • Guaranteed Data Quality

    Run your data through robust data quality checks to ensure that your data is complete and correct.

  • Premium

    Custom Data Transformation

    Cleanse, enrich, standardize, match and aggregate your data based on your specific requirements.

  • Premium

    Deep Cloud Integration

    Extract web data to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake or Databricks.

  • Premium

    Recurring Data Extracts

    Extract data on schedule at whatever frequency you want.

  • Premium

    Pick Data Formats

    We can make your data available in your required format, such as CSV, JSON, XML, tab-delimited, fixed-width and lots more.

  • Premium

    Flexible Data Delivery

    Get your data extract in your preferred destination, such as cloud files or tables, email, Google Sheets, API, FTP and lots more.

3 Simple Steps

Share your requirements. We extract your data. We deliver your data.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • Web scraping requirements
    Outline your requirements.
  • Extract data
    We extract the data you want.
  • Deliver data
    We deliver the data to you.

Grow Your Business with Web Data

Transform your business with the power of the web.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • eCommerce and Online Retail Data

    Gather product prices, reviews, images, UOMs, SKUs, UPCs, MOQs, descriptions and lots more from any eCommerce site.

  • Stock Market, Financial and Economic Data

    Extract stock market data, economic indicators, currency data, commodity data and much more.

  • Alternative Investments Data

    Enhance your investment, trading and risk management decisions with data from competitors, suppliers, partners and other alternative data sources.

  • Real Estate and Housing Data

    Extract real estate prices, property features, inventory and demand from real estate listings, agents, brokers, houses, apartments, mortgages and MLS websites.

  • Job Listings and Human Capital Data

    Aggregate data from job search sites, company job boards and social media profiles.

  • Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

    Extract data from travel, hotel and airline websites to get latest pricing, availability and reviews data.

  • Research, Consulting and Journalism Data

    Extract historical data from multiple websites to power your data needs for research, consulting or journalism.

  • Developer Data

    Extract custom data from your web data sources of choice to power your web and mobile applications.

  • Data-as-a-Service APIs

    Programmatically consume your web data extracts on-demand from secure, high-performance APIs.

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